Georgina - Bio Photo


Georgina Nicoll is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a musical style that blends the emotions of pop music with the acoustic sounds of folk music. Originally from the Comox Valley, she is now based in Victoria, British Columbia. Piano and voice are her principal instruments, but on her debut album, “A Little Courage”, she also plays guitar, recorder, and accordion. Released in November 2014, the album also features guest performers on cello, violin, drums and bass. Georgina’s carefully crafted arrangements create a rounded, fulfilling sound, yet still direct the listener’s ear to the lyrics and vocal harmonies.

Writing, composing and arranging songs is Georgina’s natural form of artistic and personal expression. She is inspired by the stories and lives of the people around her, as well as her own experiences with love and loss. Though some of her songs are quite personal, her thoughtful lyrics evoke very human situations that anyone can relate to.

Growing up in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Georgina was immersed in Celtic music, folk songs and choral singing. She started playing the piano at age four, and started writing songs in her early teens. While in high school, she performed with her sister and four friends in a Celtic band called The Island Girls. The group recorded three full-length albums and toured folk festivals across Canada, the UK, France and Belgium. Georgina has also written and arranged choral music, and has sung with many choirs over the years, including the Comox Valley’s Cantiamo Chamber Ensemble, the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir, the University of Ottawa’s Calixa Lavallée Ensemble, and currently, the Victoria Philharmonic Choir.

After taking a break from solo performing to complete two university degrees and travel around the world, Georgina has been drawn back to the stage as if by a strong magnetic force. Creating her debut album has been a labour of love, and she has poured her heart and soul into getting it just right. Order your copy of “A Little Courage” today!